install-spark is a fully automated Spark installation bash script for linux Dabian based Servers.

Script will install following key components needes to install Real-time data processing with few clicks.

  • Full Update & Upgrade
  • install up-to-date JRE
  • install up-to-date JDK
  • install scala 2.11.11
  • install Apache kafka 2.10
  • install git
  • install sbt
  • install Apache spark spark-2.2.0 pre-built for Apache hadoop 2.7 & later
  • all the environmental + all the PATH variables

Using the Script

1. Granting the executing permission to the script

Navigate to the directory where the script is.

$ chmod +x

2. Run the script

$ source

Customizing the Script

In the script you can define the versions of libraries that you need to install.

eg: spark-2.2.0-bin-hadoop2.7 , scala-2.11.11

Under the # Default Application versions define your prefered version.

# Default Application versions


Omal Perera

Information Systems undergraduate at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
Full Stack Developer
Trainee Software Engineer at 99X Technologies.